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    Thin and ultra-absorbent pads with active oxygen
    18 menstrual pads with wings, normal
    Active Oxygen Odor neutralization/Antimicrobial action

    Why is this product suitable?

    Eva Intima Active Oxygen Pads form the new generation of multi-functional period sanitary pads, as they ensure- without any discount- fast & high absorbency even in high flow and protection from leaks while thanks to active oxygen they neutralize in a natural way the unpleasant odors and simultaneous offer natural selective antimicrobial protection against and pathogenic bacteria (E.coli, C. albicans, St. aureus).
    In addition, they offer a natural sense of cleanliness and freshness, without additional aromas that can be perceived, with long-lasting protection.

    With a very soft and hypoallergenic cover and with the quality and suitability commitments of Eva Intima: without chlorine, phosphates, perfume

    From the first period

    High need of protection from unpleasant odors

    Ideal use in the warm months of the year

    Suitable for women with slight urinary incontinence due to its natural antiseptic protection and effective protection against odors

    How does it work;

    The active oxygen contained in the core of the Eva Intima Active Oxygen Pad is a well-known agent that offers natural odor neutralization, cleansing action and natural, broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection. In this way it offers prolonged protection against odors and reduces the growth of pathogenic microorganisms

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    When can I do a vaginal douche?

    Rinsing and cleansing the vaginal mucosa with special devices can be done whenever you need to get rid of annoying secretions and odors, relieve symptoms such as itching and burning sensation or want to enhance the feeling of comfort and rejuvenation of the area.

    Why is vaginal washing beneficial? Why avoid home-made solutions? Why avoid antiseptic solutions for vaginal washing?

    Applying vaginal douches is beneficial (when the conditions of use are met) as they enhance and accelerate the ability of the vagina to self-cleanse, freeing it from bleeding residues, normal or abnormal secretions while relieving discomfort such as itching, irritation, burning or unpleasant odors.

    When their application precedes the application of other intravaginal preparations, they maximize the effectiveness of their action, contributing substantially to the successful therapeutic management of pathological conditions.

    Intravaginal application of home-made solutions is best avoided mainly due to the unstable content of their composition as well as the non-specific devices commonly used, which favor injuries, the transport of pathogenic microorganisms to the cervix and uterus and the possibility of re-infection.

    Respectively, when there is no specific etiology, strong antiseptic agents should be avoided, which negatively affect the normal flora and the integrity of the vaginal mucosa.

    How often can I do a vaginal douche?

    The frequency of vaginal douches depends on the reason for their use.

    Under normal conditions where the application of vaginal washing is aimed at maintaining the hygiene and comfort of the area, the repetition of the application is recommended no more often than every 3 days.

    When there are special reasons e.g. removal of bleeding, leukorrhea or relief of irritation, the application can be repeated once a day for 2 to 3 consecutive days or depending on the recommendation of the attending physician.

    Why should I not use the same vaginal douche more than once?

    Vaginal douches should be performed under conditions of maximum hygiene so as not to increase the likelihood of vaginal imbalance, which can lead to serious infections. Especially in cases where the vaginal lavage is performed to relieve the symptoms of a vaginitis, repeated use of the same device may lead to re-infection due to contamination of the device or solution.

    In which cases are vaginal washings not preferred?

    Vaginal douches are not recommended in cases where there is no complete sexual intercourse or during pregnancy. Exceptions are the cases where there is a recommendation of the gynecologist.