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  • Cookie Policy

    About us

    This website with domain name https://eva-intima.com (hereinafter the “website”) belongs to the company “IOULIA AND IRINI TSETI PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES SOCIETE ANONYME INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL COMPANY” with the distinctive title “INTERMED S.A.”, having its registered office at num. 27, Kalyftaki street,Kifisia, Attica, P.C. 14564, with General Electronic Commercial Registry (G.E.MI.) num. 2333601000 and TIN 094420381, Tax Office Commercial Companies’ Athens Office, legally represented, with email intermed@intermed.com.gr and telephone 210 6253 905, contact hours: 07:30 – 15:30, (hereinafter the “Recipient or INTERMED“).


    1. About Cookies

    We consider it important that you know what cookies are used on our website and why they are used. Our goal is to properly inform and protect you, as well as the best experience from your visit to our website.

    These are text files that are sent to the browser you use and stored on your computer, while you are on our website. In no case shall cookies contain personal information or information which will allow anyone to contact the visitor of the website, via telephone, email, etc.  In addition, the use of cookies does not allow access to your computer documents or files.

    The use of cookies facilitates the website to memorise information about your visit, collecting useful information about your search preferences. Thus, the search experience shall be improved the next time you visit us.

    1. Which Cookies are used?

    Our website, like all websites, uses cookies in order to function smoothly and optimally serve the user. Below, we analyse the categories used.

    1. Necessary cookies

    The necessary cookies, otherwise essential cookies, are essential for the proper functioning of our Website, as they allow you to use the total functionality provided, such as signing up, logging in and maintaining your login status as a User during your browsing in the Site. These cookies do not recognise your personal identity.

     3.2 Performance Cookies (Statistics)

    These cookies (related to Google Analytics service and) collect information about how visitors use our Website, such as, for example, which pages they visit most often and if they receive error messages. These cookies collect aggregated, anonymous information that does not identify a visitor. They are exclusively used to improve the performance of a website.

    3.3 Targeting and Advertising Cookies

    These cookies are used to provide content that best suits you and your interests. They can be used to send targeted advertising/offers, limit advertising views or measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.



    Performance (e.g. of user’s browser)


    Our websites have been configured using common online platforms.

    These platforms have embedded cookies

    which help with compatibility issues (e.g. to determine the type of your browser) and

    improve performance (e.g., faster content loading).


    Security Cookies (e.g. Asp .NET)


    If you sign up for access to a restricted access area, our cookies confirm

    that your device is connected for the duration of your visit. For access to a restricted

    access area you will need your username and password.


    Website Preferences


    Our cookies may also record your preferences related to the website (e.g. language) or

     seek to enhance your experience (e.g. by personalising a greeting or the content).

    This shall apply to areas where you have signed up specifically to access or create an account.


    Website guest comments


    We use an external partner survey tool to ask a percentage

     of visitors to provide their feedback. Cookies are used to prevent visitors from

     being invited several times.

    The first cookie (1) is inserted if the visitor is not invited to participate in the survey, and it is used

     in order to ensure that visitors are not invited after the first visit to the website.

    The second cookie (2) is inserted if the visitor is invited to participate in the survey, and it is used

     in order to ensure that the visitor is not invited again to participate within a period of 90 days.


    Dissemination on social media


    We use third-party social media widgets or buttons to provide you with additional

    functions in order to disseminate the content of our websites via social networking websites,

     media and e-mail. Using these widgets or buttons can install a cookie in your device to

     make their service easier to use, to ensure that your interaction appears on our websites

     (e.g. update the measurement of dissemination on social media) and record the

     information linking your activities across the Internet and on our website.

    We encourage you to review the privacy policy of each provider before using any such service.

    For more details on the use of widgets and social media applications,

    see below.



    Although our Website does not host ads, when you visit a third party or social media site that uses advertisements, you may see advertisements related to our website and/or some relevant content category that you have seen during your browsing on it. 

    Other third-party tools and widgets may be used on our individual websites, in order to provide additional functionality. Using these tools or widgets may install a cookie on your device, to make their service easier to use, and ensure that your activity appears correctly on our websites.

    Cookies alone do not notify us of your email address nor identify you personally in any other way. In our detailed reports, we may receive identification information including IP addresses, but only to determine the number of unique visitors to our websites and the geographical origin of the visitors, and not to identify individual visitors.

    By browsing our websites and by entering your login details to access areas only for registered users, you agree that we have the ability to install cookies on your computer or on your device connectable to the Internet.

    3.4 Unclassified cookies

    Unclassified cookies are cookies that are in the process of being classified, jointly with the providers of individual cookies.

    3.5 Google Analytics

    INTERMED uses Google Analytics. More information on how to use Google Analytics from INTERMED can be found here: http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html

    In order to provide website visitors with more options on how their data is collected by Google Analytics, Google has developed the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. Add-on communicates with Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to show that information about the visit to the website should not be sent to Google Analytics. Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on does not prevent the sending of information to the website or to other web analytics services.

    3.6 Web beacons

    A web beacon is a small image file on a web page that can be used to collect certain data from your computer, such as IP addresses, the time when the website content was displayed, the browser type, and the existence of cookies previously installed by the same server. INTERMED uses web beacons only in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law.

    INTERMED or its service providers may use web beacons to identify the effectiveness of third-party websites providing us with recruitment or advertising services or to collect aggregate statistical data from visitors and manage cookies.

    You have the option to disable some web beacons by discarding the relevant cookies. The web beacon will still be able to record an anonymous visit from your IP address but the information from the cookies will not be recorded.

    3.7 Tools based on geographic location

    INTERMED may collect and use the geographic location of your computer or mobile device. This location data is collected in order to provide you with information about the services we believe may be of interest to you, based on your geographic location, as well as to improve our products and services that we provide based on geographic location.

    3.8 Clickstream

    The ‘path’ or ‘clickstream data’ reflect which specific websites a user has visited, and in particular, the way or trend in which a user moves from one website to another. We only detect such information within the context of our website and, in particular, we do not detect clickstream activities outside the INTERMED websites.

    Clickstream data does not contain or disclose identifiable personal information about the user and we do not combine this data with the personal information you provide to us.

    1. Instructions to delete and disable cookies

    You can enable, disable or even completely delete cookies from the settings in the browser you are using. If you choose to disable cookies, certain parts of the website may not function properly.

    1. Social networking applications and widgets

    INTERMED websites may include functionality so you can share via third-party social networking applications like the Facebook Like button and the Twitter widget. These social networking applications can collect and use information about your use of INTERMED websites (see above details on “Social Networking” cookies).

    Any personal information you provide through such social networking applications may be collected and used by other members of that social networking application and such exchanges are governed by the privacy policies of the companies providing the application. We have no control or responsibility for these companies or the use of your information by them.

    In addition, INTERMED websites may host blogs, forums, crowd-sourcing and other applications or services (collectively referred to as “social media functions”). The purpose of social media functions is to facilitate the exchange of information and content.

    Any personal information you provide to any INTERMED social media function may be disclosed to other users of that social media function (unless otherwise stated at the collection stage), on which we may have limited or no control.

    The publication of personal data of third parties (images, etc.) through the INTERMED websites shall be illegal, unless prior consent of the data subjects has been obtained.

    6.Integrated content from other websites

    Articles on this website may contain integrated content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). The integrated content from other websites behaves in exactly the same way as if the visitor visited the other website.

    These websites may collect data about you, use cookies, incorporate additional third-party tracking and monitor your interaction with this contained content, including detecting your interaction with the content contained, if you have an account and are linked to this website.

    1. Where your data will be sent

    Your personal data may be further processed by authorised company personnel, with full respect for your privacy.

    In the context of the provision of our services, the recipients of your personal data may be the following categories of our partners:

    • Providers of analytics and performance measurement services on our website, such as Google. Your data may be transmitted outside the European Area, and, in particular, to the U.S.A.,by these companies.
    • Providers of video services, maps, commenting and/or integration of information from social networks such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your data may be transmitted outside the European Area, and, in particular, to the U.S.A.,by these companies.
    • Data network service providers to interconnect our infrastructure with the internet.
    • Collaborating communication companies, such as Google (GSUITE mail app), in the context of managing our communication with you. Your data may be transmitted outside the European Area, and, in particular, to the U.S.A.,by these companies.

    In addition, we share non-personalised information in the form of statistical or aggregate data about the popularity of pages and articles and the total website visitors, but without sharing your personal information with them.

    Visitor comments may be checked via an automated spam system.

    1. Additional information

    Do you want to know more?

    You can contact the Company at any time, in particular to exercise your rights, to submit a question to the following email address: dataprivacy@intermed.com.gr and the above address of the Recipient.