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    Rectal suppositories ideal for the treatment of occasional and recurrent constipation, in a natural way
    10 rectal suppositories
    Sodium Bicarbonate Effeverscent action
    Polyethylene Glycol Emollient action
    Chamomilla Recutita Soothing action

    Why is this product suitable?

    EVA LAX® are suppositories for the natural treatment of constipation due to incomplete evacuation of stool. They are specially designed to facilitate bowel movements in constipation, while at the same time, due to their emollient and soothing action, they reduce the tenesmus of the sphincter and soothe the irritation and burning of the anus. EVA LAX® suppositories do not have pharmacological action and do not create tolerance.

    Fast action in 10 minutes

    No pharmacological action 

    No risk of tolerance

    How does it work;

    The EVA LAX® suppository, after being inserted into the rectum, dissolves within a few minutes forming microbubbles (effervescent action), which create pressure on the intestinal walls and push the stool out of the large intestine. At the same time, the polyethylene glycol from the dissolved suppository softens the stools, while the chamomile they contain due to its soothing effect, helps reduce the possible burning sensation from bowel irritation. The action of the suppository is immediate and causes emptying of the colon usually within 30 minutes

    How do I use it?

    Remove the plastic housing, rinse the suppository with a little water (for best results, place the suppository under running tap water for 5-10 seconds) before use and place it upright. After application, the suppository begins to dissolve and acts immediately.

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    Constipation. How can I be relieved immediately and safely? Is there a risk of tolerance? Is effervescence noticeable during use? If I have hemorrhoids or stretch marks how can I use it?

    Constipation affects a large part of the female population. The fastest results in terms of relief are achieved by topically applied products such as douches and suppositories.

    Eva lax can relieve you in just 10 minutes from the very first application, reducing to a minimum the feeling of pain and irritation that may exist due to incomplete evacuation of stool. Its action is achieved thanks to the gentle effervescence it causes, which although it is not felt during use, immediately facilitates the movement of feces while the chamomile extract it contains can soothe the affected area and reduce tension. It can be used by all women at any stage of their lives and without the worry of tolerance from use. In case of difficulty during application for any reason, wetting with olive oil or water can facilitate installation.