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    Gentle shaving and skin care foam
    Packaging 150 ml
    Chamomilla Recutita Soothing action
    Aloe Barbadensis Hydrating action
    Thymus Vulgaris Antimicrobial action
    Glycyrrhiza Glabra Anti-inflammatory action

    Why is this product suitable?

    EVA INTIMA® BIKINI SHAVING FOAM is a creamy foam for easy and fast shaving. Enriched with carefully selected herbal extracts known for their antimicrobial action such as azadirachta, thyme, rosemary and melaleuca as well as chamomile, aloe and sage extract and glycyrrhizic acid which contribute to the healing process.

    Treatment and Protection

    Creamy texture 

    Gentle composition 

    Dermatologically tested

    How does it work;

    Softens and moisturizes the skin during the shaving process while protecting it from the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and inflammation.

    Does not contain synthetic colors

    How do I use it?

    Apply a sufficient amount to the area you want to shave, after you have previously wet it with some water. Shave and remove any foam residue with plenty of water.

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    How can I reduce ingrown hair and the appearance of folliculitis after any depilation method?

    Regular exfoliation is the practice that reduces the inclusion of hair after any hair removal method. The easy and practical option is to use eva intima bikini ingrow in the places where the hairs are usually trapped.