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    Tablets with soy isoflavones, calcium & vitamins that help regulate hormonal activity
    90 tablets (package of 3 months of use)
    Soy Isoflavones Ορμονική Ρύθμιση
    Vitamin D3 Ενίσχυση Υγείας Μυών & Σκελετού
    Vitamin B Μείωση Της Κούρασης
    Calcium Ενίσχυση Υγείας Μυών & Σκελετού

    Why is this product suitable?

    EVA INTIMA® TABLETS is a complete nutritional supplement and is designed to nutritionally support the perimenopausal woman, actively contributing to the regulation of hormonal activity, normal psychological function and the reduction of fatigue and fatigue as well as the normal condition of her bones, teeth and muscles

    Natural mode of action

    Hormone free 

    Gluten, GMOs, sugars free 

    3-month treatment package

    How does it work;

    EVA INTIMA® TABLETS supplements the daily needs of nutrients that the female body needs during the period before, during and after menopause.

    How do I use it?

    One tablet daily with a meal for at least 3 months or as advised by your doctor.

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    Hot flushes. What are they and how can I reduce them in a non-hormonal, natural way?

    Hot flashes are the sudden feeling of rising body temperature that is mainly associated with menopause and mainly affects women.

    During menopause, hot flashes are usually more intense on the face, neck and chest and can cause redness of the skin. They may be accompanied by increased heart rate and intense sweating followed by a feeling of cold. Their frequency varies from person to person, but they generally last a few minutes and occur mainly at night. The exact cause remains unclear, but is believed to be the result of hormonal changes in menopausal features and increased sensitivity of the body temperature control system, which becomes more sensitive to small changes.

    However, in both women and men, the problem can also be associated with real diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, prostate cancer, or diseases related to the hypothalamus or pituitary gland. Hot flashes can also be caused by cancer treatments.

    Reducing hot flashes as well as night sweats can be achieved by using dietary supplements of plant-based ingredients that contain phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens mimic the good effects of estrogen effectively and safely without any side effects as they have no estrogenic effect.

    It can be used without interruption for as long as desired.

    In any case, the correct and safe diagnosis and treatment is performed only through the gynecologist after a series of diagnostic tests, a practice that is recommended to follow every time something worries you in your body.