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    Pocket size towelettes for immediate cleaning and a feeling of freshness
    Multipack with 10 pocket size towelettes
    Eucalyptus globulus Deodorizing action
    Thymus vulgaris Antibacterial action
    Chamomilla recutita Soothing action
    Vitamin E Antioxidant action

    Why is this product suitable?

    EVA INTIMA® POCKET SIZE TOWELETTES are designed to remove the secretions and odors of the external genitalia at any time of the day, easily and practically while at the same time soothing and relieving possible irritations leaving a feeling of freshness and well-being.

    Their effective and direct action is due to the combination of herbal extracts such as thyme, azadirachta, chamomile, arctium trefoil, sage, rosemary and witch hazel while aloe extract, panthenol and vitamin E retain the beneficial effect of enhancing the physiology of the skin.

    Practical use

    From the first period

    Safe during pregnancy

    Dermatologically tested

    How does it work;

    They cleanse, soothe and freshen up instantly whenever there is a need.
    They do not contain foaming agents such as SLS & SLES which disrupt the physiology of the area.
    They do not contain synthetic colors & preservatives.

    How do I use it?

    Gently wipe the sensitive area with an EVA INTIMA® POCKET SIZE TOWELETTES. No need to rinse. Dispose of the towelette in the bin after use.

    WE ARE HERE to answer you

    Each question corresponds to a need. That is why it is worth answering it.

    Why should I use specially designed cleansers on the sensitive area daily? From what age should I use special products?

    The sensitive area (external genitalia) is a particularly vulnerable part of the female body. It consists of different tissues (skin, mucosa) with different needs, which are faced daily with factors that tend to upset the balance of the area (secretions, urine, synthetic underwear, fragranced panty liners, swimwear, tights, etc.). For these reasons, the adoption and observance of daily care and hygiene is required. Cleansing using only water is not recommended as secretions that can be a means of growing pathogenic microorganisms are not effectively removed. At the same time, the pH of the water disturbs the normally acidic pH of the skin and mucous membranes of the area, creating a feeling of dryness, thus enhancing the appearance of disorders. Also the use of cleansers for the rest of the body or hair (foam baths, shampoos) are not recommended due to the strong cleansing agents, soaps, colors and fragrances that they mainly contain.

    Specially designed for the sensitive area, soap-free cleaners and strong cleaning agents, respect the physiology of each different tissue without drying out and changing its acidic pH. At the same time the absence of artificial colors and fragrances reduces the likelihood of irritation and allergies. Their enhanced compositions with ingredients with natural antimicrobial protection enhance local protection and care for the area.

    Specially designed daily cleansing products:

    • must not contain: soap or strong cleansers, antiseptics, artificial colors and fragrances
    • should offer: gentle cleansing with the use of mild cleansing agents, acidic pH, ingredients with hypoallergenic properties and natural mode of action which enhance the natural antimicrobial protection of the area while at the same time taking care of it.

    The use of specially designed cleaners needs to be adopted from a very young age (even shortly after birth) by choosing the right product for each age.

    Why use a special detergent for washing my underwear?

    The sensitive area of the external genitalia is faced daily with many factors that can upset its balance. One such factor is the artificial fragrances that are contained in both the cleansing fluids of the sensitive area and the detergents that we wash our underwear and can act just as aggravatingly when using underwear. To avoid possible irritations due to detergents, special detergents were created for women's underwear with hypoallergenic fragrance, which are more easily rinsed leaving no residue that can cause irritation and allergies in the area.