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    Lotion to prevent & treat ingrown hair after hair depilation
    Packaging 100 ml
    Salicylic Acid Keratolytic action
    Urea Softening action
    AHA Exfoliating action
    Arnica Montana Anti-inflammatory action

    Why is this product suitable?

    EVA INTIMA® BIKINI INGROW thanks to salicylic acid and fruit acids (AHA) intensively exfoliates the skin, thus reducing the appearance of ingrown hairs that can lead to the appearance of bursitis. At the same time, its enriched composition in urea and aloe extract keeps the skin soft and hydrated, while the extracts of chamomile and arnica soothe any irritated spots.

    Prevention of folliculitis

    Immediate action

    Leaves no residues

    Dermatologically tested

    How does it work;

    Special keratolytic and exfoliating agents that keep the hair follicles open, do not allow the trapping of growing hairs and prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms that can lead to inflammation known as bursitis. Does not contain  synthetic colors and fragrances

    How do I use it?

    Use a piece of cotton soaked in EVA INTIMA® BIKINI INGROW to place it where the hairs are trapped. Apply 3-4 times a day.

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    How can I reduce ingrown hair and the appearance of folliculitis after any depilation method?

    Regular exfoliation is the practice that reduces the inclusion of hair after any hair removal method. The easy and practical option is to use eva intima bikini ingrow in the places where the hairs are usually trapped.